Clip: VINASME's message to support cooperation between Vietnamese and Hungarian small and medium enterprises

(DNVN) - Mr. To Hoai Nam, Standing Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VINASME, answered the national communication channel on "Memorandum of Cooperation" between VINASME and Hungary on promotion of trade, which was recently signed by the two sides in Hanoi.

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October 25, 2018, Mr. To Hoai Nam - VINASME representative and Mr. Szatmáry Kristóf - Chief of the Office of Hungarian government, National Assembly Member, Chairman of the Hungarian - Vietnamese Friendship Parliamentary Committee signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" on coordinating propaganda and organizing trade promotion activities.

According to the "Memorandum of Cooperation", the two sides agreed to coordinate and organize trade promotion activities to connect Vietnamese and Hungarian enterprises, in order to strengthen each other's understanding of the market, promoting cooperation between the businesses of the two sides, contributing to the growth of the economy as well as businesses.

Sharing with national communication channel, Mr. To Hoai Nam emphasized new points of this "Memorandum of Cooperation".

"VINASME and Hungary cooperate comprehensively in supporting all aspects of SMEs of the two countries. The new point of support is focusing on organizing many programs for businesses to meet directly, and cooperating in verifying enterprises", said VINASME Standing Vice Chairman.

Explaining the reasons that the two sides need to conduct verification activities, Mr. Nam said that many Vietnamese enterprises have attended trade promotion conferences but there was no verification, so they can hardly make any transaction afterwards.

Therefore, in this meeting, we have new points which are relatively new to Vietnam, the two sides agreed to undertake additional verification activities with some basic information about our partners. We will be responsible for Vietnamese enterprises and the Hungarian side should be responsible for their enterprises ", stressed Mr. Nam.

The second new point, according to Mr. Nam, is the support of trade promotion and the experience in connecting Vietnamese enterprises. Therefore, the two sides agreed to share their deeper expertise on trade promotion and support for businesses.

Clip: VINASME's message to support cooperation between Vietnamese and Hungarian small and medium enterprises.

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